Arrinera Supercar

When you think of Poland, what do you normally think of – sausages and bad jokes, right?  One thing you never think of, for sure, is super cars.  But now, they have one. Arrinera Automotive has launched their super car and we like it!

Powered comes from a 6.2L GM motor, supercharged to create 638bhp and 602lb-ft of torque.  The frame is made from carbon fiber and aluminum, with a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite body wrapping it in style.  Massive 255/30 R19’s at the front and 335/30 R20’s at the wheel make sure it’s power gets to the ground.  To help it stop, ceramic brakes haul it down to zero. All those are normal super car stuff.  One thing that sets it apart, however, is the Thermal Imaging Camera.  From Arrinera’s site:

“It is widely acknowledged that the weakest link of the car is its driver. Therefore, in the case of our car, thermal imaging greatly assists the perception of the driver by raising his or her awareness of the presence of humans and animals on the road. Namely, the vehicle has the latest generation of infrared camera installed that monitors the area for a few hundred meters ahead of the car. Whenever the camera picks up an object with a higher temperature than the environment, i.e. probably a human or an animal, the driver will be able to see a clear and apparent image of the object on a display located in the centre console within the driver’s field of vision.”

Yea, that’s a good looking car.  Too bad we can’t hear the exhaust note in that video.  Pricing and availability isn’t out yet, but we will keep you posted when it is.  As for us, we want to drive this Polish beast!