Bacon Candy Cane

“Tis the season to be jolly – bacon bacon bacon, bacon bacon, bacon, bacon!”  Yep – look like traditional candy canes – taste like bacon.  We think for the best result, you should just mix this in with your normal candy canes.  Best Christmas Eve ever!

Features of these?

  • Look like standard candy canes, but taste like bacon!
  • Taste like bacon, but look like standard candy canes!
  • BACON!
  • That classic white and red swirl coupled with the delicious taste of bacon.
  • Yup, they taste like bacon.
  • You get 6 candy canes in each lovingly illustrated box.
  • Each candy cane is individually wrapped for easier sharing.
  • Dimensions: Canes are 5.25″ tall.

$5 for a box means this practical joke won’t break the bank.  Get them from