BlueLounge MiniDock

If you are like us and do not like wires everywhere then we feel your pain. Our desk at times looks like a rope course with all of our wires and cables everywhere in order to keep all our gadgets charged. No more getting tangled up in a wiry, cluttered mess, spending countless minutes untangling something when the phone rings or you need your mp3 player.

The BlueLounge MiniDock will ease your pain and your mess of wires with the MiniDock. This MiniDock will charge your iPhone/iPod by docking it and plugging it directly into the wall. It doesn’t appear that it will work with the iPad but give it a short amount of time and it will…as everything seems to work with the iPad anymore. It has three different adapters for the world traveler; US, UK, and Europe.

No more stepping on your iDevices and thinking to yourself “Crap, now I have to go back to my Windows Mobile phone or Zune while my precious iDevice is replaced.”