Brennwagen Grills

Move over BMW.  Out of the way Mercedes.  A new German designer has come up with the ultimate grilling machine.  What – what?  A grill?  Sorry car companies, you can get back in line.

Brennwagen has taken what German’s do best – design – and applied that to the ultimate American activity – BBQ.  The results?  Epic.

From their smallest design – the  GTC 500 “urban speedster” – to their monster GTX 1500 “super BBQ”, there is a Brennwagen to meet your needs.  Want to BBQ on the snow?  No problem!  They have a ski option available for ease of transport.  Don’t want to use charcoal?  The GT 1200i is their first gas grill, and it rocks.

Their stylosophy (their word) is “barbecues, any time, any place.”  After seeing their grills, we can’t agree more!

Check for more information.  Don’t forget to check out their “Pimp my grill” section with cool add-ons.

Now where’s our bratwurst!