Brooklyn Badges Real World Merit Badges

Ever think you have done something so awesome/crazy/stupid that you deserve some sort of special recognition?  How about a merit badge for you to wear proudly!

Brooklyn Badges has made some that look amazingly authentic.  Badges available for:

  • Dead of the Party
  • Drunk Texting 2.0
  • Drinking with Baby
  • Regretsy Special
  • Bacon Appreciation
  • Drunk Biking
  • Camp Sex
  • Attacked by a Squirrel
  • Drunk Showering
  • Ass Fire
  • Spanner in the Works
  • Ball Buster
  • Apple Bong
  • Drinking Alone
  • Crop Dusting
  • Skid Marque
  • Walk of Shame
  • Drunk Texting
  • Drunk Running
  • The King of the Party
  • Record Geek

Brooklyn Badges are for those things we might not show as much pride in as we should. Wear your hidden talents proudly. All patches are 2 inches and 70% embroidery. Please note: these patches are not iron-on and do require sewing.

Now get out there and earn those badges, campers!  Once you do, buy them from