COOL LEAF Keyboard

For those of you smartphone users that HATE your touchscreen keyboard, just move on to the next article.  Yep – just skip this one all together.  The COOL LEAF (yes, it is all caps, we aren’t yelling about it) looks like a flat mirror on your desk, but is actually a perfectly flat keyboard, with no surface texture at all.

The Minebea COOL LEAF is made from 2000 layers of PET film, which over a complex grid of force sensors to tell where you are pressing.  The keys are illuminated from beneath the surface, making it really cool in a dark room.  You can adjust the keypress beep to help with feedback, since there is no tactile response. It features 108 keys, and connects via USB. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Pros?  No junk between your keys!  Cons?  More fingerprints than a 5 year old’s iPhone, and your 80’s boss might try to snort coke off it.

Watch the video of it in action:

Yep – it’s cool alright.

Available now for $240 from