CueLight Interactive Pool Table

You know those guys who are really good at pool?  They can do all the bank shots, tricks, apply just the right english to the ball to make it dance all over the table?  Yea – none of those guys work here.  We all suck at pool.  You could line a ball up straight, 3 inches from a pocket, and we would still miss.

However, there is now a pool table that we might actually think about putting in the office.  Not so much the pool table, per se, but the interactive system that projects onto it.

Obscura Digital has invented one of the coolest pool tables we have ever seen.  Basically, it is a standard pool table with a ultra-bright projector shining down on it.  Well sure, you say – anyone can do that.  But, can they do this? (just watch the video, will ya!?)

Yea, we had the same response you just did.  But how does it work, you ask? High speed sensors respond to every single shot, resulting in some amazing graphics.  There are 3 modes available: Fluid, Fire and Reveal, with user definable reveal images (AWESOME!).  A gesture UI even appears when racked. Yea, this thing is just cool.

System specs:

  • High resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 60fps (frames per second) performance
  • High brightness projector
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic self-calibration

Pricing is not readily available, but contact a sales rep if you want one!