DesmoPro Cafe 31

Last week, GadgetFeast staff had the opportunity to attend a national Ducati Rally at Barber’s Motorsports Park, aptly named – Ducstock.  It was AMAZING, with a ton of incredible machines.  One really stuck out though, and when we asked if we could have an exclusive interview, they said yes!

“Cafe 31” is a tribute to the #31 Daytona Superbike winning Ducati of Hall of Famer’s, Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling. Built for Cafe Racer TV, Season 3, this gorgous machine is made of componants from virtually every era of Ducati. The goal was to create a bike that appears seamless and whole using these componants, not something out of poportion or tacked together. The frame, sourced from a 1975 860GT, was extensively modified to reduce weight with improved geometry to produce handling equal to a modern day Superbike. Steering head angle was reduced from 31 degrees to 25 degrees. A custom swingarm was built emulating TT2/TT1/f1 with mono shock and eccentric pivot point which allows wheelbase alterations from 55 to 57 inches as well as adjustment for pro squat or anti squat. State of the art Ohlins suspension components, FG353 gas forks from the Desmosidici D16RR, and adjustable Ohlins gold series rear mono shock make it corner like it’s on rails. Custom modular tripleclamps created by Gilles Tooling offer adjustable offset and clamp the fork tubes via collets which provide an even 360 degree clamping force on the tube as opposed to pinch bolts. The motor is mid 70’s era desmo SuperSport now displacing 904 cc’s with special pistons, valves and cam shafts from authentic NCR vintage period parts.  Add to that the modern light weight with wider modern tires, Shift-tech carbon fiber fenders, handle bars – and you have one cafe racer that is impossible to duplicate.

We heard this thing run, and all we can say is WOW.  Rich Lambrechts of DesmoPro really knows how to make one cold stunna!   More info on his handy work at

Now if we can just get them to hand over the keys for a little while…