Ducati 900SS Riviera

In case you haven’t noticed, cafe racers are back.  They never really went anywhere, but they are definitely more of a desired commodity these days.  This cafe, however, is beyond beautiful!  From the New Hampshire shop of Walt Siegl, this cafe – nicknamed “Riviera Ducati” – started life as a Ducati 900SS, to which Walt upgraded the motor to 944cc with a big bore kit, and added the required 39mm flat slide carbs.  He then custom built the frame from 0.65 chromoly steel, and a fuel tank from carbon/kevlar.

The stainless steel exhaust and rearsets are fashioned from 7075 aluminum allow.  Forks up front are sourced from Triumph, and the rear swingarm is a Ducati aluminum item, modified to fit an Öhlins twin-shock setup.  Wheels are straight from a Ducati 999.

What’s the result?  Something we can all lust over.  Maybe that 900 sitting outside the office might need a makeover after all!

Check out more of Walt’s work at www.waltsiegl.com