Ducati Powered Spartan Track Car

Math time!  What do you get when you add Ducati’s 170hp 1198 engine, a mid-engined race chassis, light weight carbon fiber bodywork and sleek aerodynamics?  You get a track day weapon that can do 0-62 in 3.0 seconds and weighs in at under 775 pounds.  Yes, you read that right – a track day car that weighs less than 775 pounds!

The styling of the Spartan is raw and minimalistic.  The carbon fiber body panels come off with quick-release Dzus fasteners.  Fully-adjustable racing shock absorbers and exposed suspension components reinforce the aggressive form and function of the product.

The chassis is not only lightweight but extremely tough. The tubular spaceframe design provides superior stiffness and has the signature trellis look, reminiscent of the Ducati motorcycle frame design. There are no paddle shifts, just a traditional chrome gear stick and round knob. The pedal box can be adjusted quickly as can the steering to truly make the driver at one with the car. The exhaust exits via a raw carbon fiber diffuser that sits below the see-through mesh panel that allows you to see the engine, chassis and suspension.


  • ENGINE: Ducati 1198S
  • CAPACITY: 1199cm³
  • POWER: 170HP
  • WEIGHT: Aprox 350kg (772lbs)
  • BRAKES: Front & Rear – Wilwood lightweight 300mm ventilated rotors, Wilwood 4-piston/2-piston billet calipers and Wilwood rotor hats
  • PEDALS: Tilton racing pedal assembly with remote brake bias
  • WHEELS: 17 x 7 inch Advan lightweight race wheels
  • TIRES: Yokohama
  • TRANSMISSION: 6-speed sequential
  • SUSPENSION: Fully adjustable double wishbone front and rear with OHLINS suspension
  • STEERING: Woodward Racing quick ratio steering rack and collapsible steering column, Sparco quick release steering hub, Sparco Formula steering wheel
  • INSRUMENTS: Ducati 1198 Digitek LCD dash
  • SEATS: Tilton B5 carbon racing seats, Sparco Racing FIA-approved 5 or 6 point harnesses
  • FINAL DRIVE: Drexler Motorsport Formula chain drive LSD
  • CHASSIS: Trellis design spaceframe – 350Mpa DOM mild steel tubing with roll-over protection. FIA-approved roll bar optional
  • BODY: Carbon fiber
  • PERFORMANCE: 0-62 mph: 3 seconds
  • TOP SPEED: 162 mph
  • PRICE: $110,000AUD (106,000 USD)

Ready to order one?  We are!  Get it from www.spartan-v.com