Ducati Sport Corsa Desmo 350

One of our mates, Phil Aynsley, travels around the world taking photos or rare Ducatis. Yea – his job doesn’t suck. He recently had the chance to photograph this ‘wide case’ 350 single. This wasn’t just ANY 350 however, it was a Sport Corsa Desmo 350 – one of just 6 known to exist. This particular bike, #SCD21 saw brief action on the track: it was used in practice for the 1968 Italian Grand Prix by Bruno Spaggiari. It was later shipped to Australia to what we are sure is one happy owner.

Power from this wide-case 350 single is a whopping 40hp, which isn’t bad considering it’s a 350! So is this comparable to the newer Ducati bikes like the 848 Streetfighter or the Diavel AMG? We sure think so. In fact – we would rather have one of these for sure!

Want to see more of Phil’s work? You can get his book, Ducati: A Photographic Tribute from Amazon.com