Epic Win / Epic Fail Stamp

Not to be outdone by the Like and Dislike Stamps, you can now decide with a stamp if something is an Epic Win or an Epic Fail. You know, if a teacher starts using these in their class, we are going to punch them in the face.  Not really – we aren’t fighters, we’re bloggers!  But, if someone DOES start using this at work/school/anywhere, they should be clocked.  However, if you are going to use these on your bills, then we TOTALLY support that.

These stamps replace the gold star or the frowny face in an “Epic” way.  Of course, don’t try to send one to your grandmother – she will have no idea what you are saying!

If you want these epically cool stamps (DANG IT – WE SAID IT), get them from www.thumbsupuk.com