Ferrari 458 Spider

When the Ferrari 458 (and say it right, Four – Five – Eight) came out, we loved it.  Arguably the best sports car in the world, we lusted after it – hard.  Following Ferrari’s tradition of not releasing the spider for a while, they have really out done themselves this time.  The 458 Spider is the world’s first mid-rear engined ride with a retractable hard top, which flips over to stow neatly beneath the rear deck lid — in a mere 14 seconds. Other features include 4.5L V8 producing 562 hp, Ferrari’s dual-clutch F1 paddle-shift transmission, high-performance ABS for slowing the damn thing down from its top speed of roughly 200mph, and gorgeous 20-inch rims worthy of the Pininfarina body up top.

One of the things we really love is how the top folds.  It’s just awesome.

So what’s the price?  Not sure – yet.  Start saving your pennies (and Benjamins) now.

See the special site Ferrari has setup at