Ferrari F-340 Competizione

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate custom coachwork Ferrari’s – the fact is, this one is VERY unique.  Starting life as a Ferrari 456, which is a V12, true manual transmission grand tourer, artisans created this custom aluminum body inspired the Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta.

Much like the original Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta, this has the long front hood, the sharp as hell fenders and more window area than you can shake a stick at.  What’s new are the quad-bulb projector headlights, diffusers and lower front inlets, as well as a very trick interior.

Do you like it?  That’s the great thing about a custom Ferrari – you don’t HAVE to like it, as long as the person who commissioned it does!  Do we like it?  Yep!

Enjoy the gallery of true car porn.



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