Ford Evos Concept Car

Concept cars are usually just look cool, nothing ground breaking design concepts.  This one, however, is a LITTLE bit different.  Okay, it’s A LOT bit different.  Ford’s new Evos concept is the first cloud computer connected car.  It’s not just a little bit connected either.

Let’s start with the design – it has 4 gullwing doors. That’s just awesome.  Drive-train is a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid-electric setup.  The real star of the setup is, however, is the connectivity to the cloud. The Evos can recognize different drivers, and it adapts everything it possibly can to the individual behind the wheel, from the handling of the car itself to the GPS routing preferences to waking you up in the morning.

Other features:

  • It can automatically play the same music or news program that was just streaming at home, or heat or cool the interior to an ideal temperature before the driver gets in without having to be requested by predicting departure time based on his calendar. Wirelessly communicating with devices in the home, it could close the garage door and switch off the lights automatically as it pulls away.
  • Learning driver habits and capabilities, the technology can overlay map and weather data sourced from the cloud to adjust powertrain, steering, suspension and braking systems for optimum enjoyment, comfort and safety.
  • In dynamic driving situations, the vehicle may simplify the appearance of the instrument panel to display only necessary gauge information and switch the driver’s connected smartphone to “Do Not Disturb” mode to help keep the focus of attention on the road.
  • The cloud-optimised powertrain would automatically “know” when to save energy and switch modes, using information about the vehicle’s predicted travel route, any emission zone restrictions during the journey and current weather conditions.
  • The Ford Evos Concept is also equipped with advanced air quality sensors and filtration systems to help allergy sufferers. Location aware, it can access air quality data from the cloud and proactively suggest a healthier route to the destination.

Check out the video for some of the technology highlights.

Think any of these will make it to the road?  We sure hope so, because we want one!



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