Fukushima Plate

The GadgetFeast offices are about as far West in the US as you can get.  This means not only are we one of the last places in the continental US to see the sun at the end of the day, but we are also going to be one of the first to get the Fukushima trash after the earthquake and tsunami.  While we don’t PLAN on eating anything that washes up on our beaches, if we decided to, we would need this plate.

The Fukushima Plate is an ordinary kitchen plate with built-in radioactive meter to visualize your food’s level of contamination.  Three ring-shaped OLEDs give you a visual reference to the level of contamination.  The meter’s sensitivity can be adjusted your own level – based on how brave you are feeling.

When there is no increased radiation measureable all OLED rings remain off. A small light on the bottom shows that the plate is still working. One glowing ring tells you that there is slightly increased radiation coming from your food, but nothing to worry about too much. Two glowing rings mean there is significantly inreased radiation and your dish is not as healthy as it may look. The red ring (OF DEATH) tells you that the measured dose of radiation is beyond the limiting value you set.

While currently just a concept, we think the creator of the plate, Nils Ferber, should put them into production – especially before one of the following happens:

  1. The 20 million tons of trash reaches the US coast in 2014.
  2. The world ends on 12/21/2012
  3. The zombie apocalypse happens (which could be triggered by either of the events above)
  4. We have to eat the “meatloaf” brought to us by the strange lady up the street again.

Check out Nils’ website at www.nilsferber.de for more projects… before it’s too late!