Gold Ingot USB Memory

With the way the stock market is lately, maybe it is time to invest in gold.  Of course, what good is gold if you can’t remember your Swiss bank account number?  So, what we need is a gold bar with a USB stick in it!  YEAH!

This 3″ long gold bar is in fact a USB memory drive, with a gold leaf overlay that makes this computer peripheral look like an actual gold ingot. Covering the wood body of this 4GB USB thumbdrive (made of Japanese bigleaf magnolia) is high-quality gold leaf manufactured in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, where 99% of the country’s gold leaf manufacturing occurs.

Each item is hand made after you order it, so you know it’s fresh gold!  Each Gold Ingot USB memory stick comes in a nice storage case, so they make a great gift too. At $185, it’s not half bad of a deal.

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