Hornady Zombie Max Ammo

Apparently even ammo makers think the zombie apocalypse is coming soon.  Hornady has launched a zombie specific ammo.

From their site: “With the flood of Zombie Targets and shooting events now with Zombie themes, Hornady Manufacturing felt the ONLY ammo worth using was Certified Zombie Ammunition. Hornady has placed it’s own special “Z-Max” Glowing Green Tipped Bullet in a variety of zombie shooting calibers. Hornady estimates shipping all calibers minus the 12ga around Oct 31st, 2011. Have no doubt, this is not a toy! This is live ammunition!”

To add to the marketing genius, they even did a video explaining WHY you need it:

Available in the following caliber:

  • 9MM Luger 115 gr. (25-count box)
  • 40 S&W 165 gr. (20-count box)
  • 45 Auto 185 gr.(20-count box)
  • .223 Rem. 55 gr.(20-count box)
  • 7.62×39 123 gr. (20-count box)
  • .308 Win 168 gr. (20-count box)
  • 12 Gauge 00 Buck Shot (10-count box)

Get it from www.hornady.com