Hublot Chukker Bang Watch

Hey Buffy, it’s time to go to The Hamptons for a Polo match.  But how ever will we time the 7 minute, 30 second “chukka”?  Well, a Timex would work perfectly, but you would get your baller card pulled.  How about a 44.5mm titanium cased watch with a built in 7 minute, 30 second timer?  Perfect.

Hublot makes a watch for the problem we never knew existed.  The Chukker Bang (say that 3 times fast) features a 44.5mm titanium case and grille, a ceramic bezel, satin bridges with black PVD titanium screws, a rhodium-plated main plate, and, of course, special Chukker Bang engraving on the back.

How much is it?  Who cares!  You freakin’ play Polo in The Hamptons!

You can order it from, and when we say you, we mean someone on your house staff can order it.