IEEE 802.22 Wireless Network

Ever worry that your neighbor might be trying to bogart your wireless signal?  Soon, you might have to worry about the guy in the next town trying to download porn music on your ultra fast connection.

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – in case you were wondering) has announced that they have finished work on the new 802.22 wireless network standard, that will allow for the creation of WRANS – that’s Wireless Regional Area Networks, which will provide up to 22Mbps per channel at a distance of up to 62 miles from the base station.  Yep – 62 miles.  Do a little simple math, and that means that one 802.22 antenna will cover 12,000 square miles!  That’s just awesome.

We assume it will be a while until we can get one of these in our house, but just think how awesome war-driving from your couch is going to be!



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