iLuv iMM727 iPad/iPhone/iPod Dock

You’re sitting there wondering how or why you have the three essential iDevices: the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod all sitting in front of you entertaining you with less than sub-par audio quality. It’s a pain and can be quite costly to purchase accessories for all three and quite cluttered after awhile.

The iLuv iMM727 ArtStation Speaker Dock for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod. It’s design is a unique combination piece of art and engineering of audio. This speaker dock is equipped with a full 3D sound that other speaker docks don’t have the ability to provide. It features the jAura technology to get a sound that is not only rich but is also clear and bold. The iLuv docking station has a built-in arm that rotates 90° for landscape or portrait view.

Stop wasting money, space, and time on separate accessories for the iDevices and combine all three of them for a change and use your head instead of your devices doing the thinking for you.