imTechnology. imMobile. imWatch.  That HUGE iPhone just too much for you to pull out of your pocket? Throw a touchscreen smart watch on your wrist!  Connect it to your iPhone, Android or other smartphone, and have wrist access to calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, weather forecast, etc.

With technology like Bluetooth connectivity, a 1.54″ sapphire glass screened, 240 x240 resolution, aluminum or titanium boby, 4GB memory and 64MB of RAM, this sounds like a serious phone contender – except it isn’t a phone.  It’s just a portal TO your phone.

Currently compatible with Android, RIM, iOS, Bada, Symbian and Windows Phone 7.

Afraid it won’t match your style?  They have tons of colors for ya! The aluminum bodied Color Collection is available in White, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black.  The titanium bodied Jewel Collection is available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold, Black Gold.

Want one?  Grab $400 and head over to



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