Ion Vertical Turntable

One of our staff, and we aren’t saying who, has a shelf in the back of his office with over 2000 records on it.  He even has a 2nd desk in his office with turntables and a mixer on it.  Maybe after seeing this, he could clear that stuff off and get some REAL work done.  On second thought, probably not – we like the beats.

Ion has come up with a solution for those diehards that refuse to let go of the wax but don’t want to dedicate the space to a turntable.  This wall mount unit plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, up to 12″ in size.  It secured the records with the platter with a special locking mechanism so your favorite Rotax doesn’t go crashing to the ground like your dreams of being a DJ.

Two built-in speakers provide the sound, and when the record is finished, the turntable automatically stops.  Powered by four AA batteries, this really is a hang and play record solution!

We do suggest against trying to scratch with it.

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