iPhone 4S Christmas Ornaments

Embrace your inner Apple Fanboy.  Hang an iPhone 4S on your Christmas tree (or Hanukkah Bush, or Kwanzaa Tree, or…) to show how creative you are! This limited run of handmade, novelty ornaments are printed onto premium photo paper and then mounted on durable, coated cardboard stock. Each handmade ornament will arrive in a small individual gift box along with a hook for hanging. Magnets have been added to the back for weight and will also let you enjoy your iPhone 4S as an epic refrigerator icon all year long.

Ornaments are lightweight and measure (3″ x 1.5″), but they should be kept clear of liquids, food and hand goo for months of long lasting pleasure.  Best part about this 4S?  It won’t explode on a plane or eat battery like Cookie Monster (pre veggie sellout days).

Available in White or Black for just $11.00.  Get it from Etsy.com