iRetrofone Base

When you think Steampunk, you don’t often think iPhone.  It’s not retro at all – it’s modern, sleek, and not a hint of brass on it anywhere! But what if you love your iPhone (you fanboy), but still pine for the ways of yesteryear?  Then Etsy artist freelandstudios has the item for you.

The iRetrofone Base is a  fully-functional, TOTALLY Steampunk, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable.  Fully-functional?  Yep – it routes all your voice communications through the handset. Made from heavy-duty, half-inch urethane resin, this baby is solid.  Don’t think this is some easy mold-cast, either.  Each base is hand-sculpted and hand-cast.  A lot of time and effort go into these!

Compatable with all iPhones, it can even sync and charge your iPhone via a USB cable.  How cool is that!?

Need one for your cubicle?  Want to make Cindy in accounting jealous?  Get it from and show them you are king of the Apple Fanboys!