Jawbone Nerd

Nerd.  What did you call us?  OH – it’s the product name.  We were going to say, we like being called geeks instead.  Jawbone, who make amazing headsets, continues their string of home runs with the Nerd.  What is it?  It’s their Icon HD headset – which rocks – with the NoiseAssassin 2.5 noise cancellation technology, 10mm wideband speaker, and MyTALK app support.  The other half of the Nerd system is the USB dongle that enables plug-and-play use of the headset with any PC or Mac.  This is perfect for VoIP calls, music streaming, voice recognition software, etc.

But what REALLY makes this cool, is you don’t need a separate headset for your phone – it will automatically and instantly switch between your phone and computer as needed. Tech like that can help make you king of the nerds!

At $140, this is a great technology accessory.  Get it from www.jawbone.com