Kube2 MP3 Player

It’s hip to be square!  The Kube2 MP3 player is about to hit the market in the US as a very viable option to the iPod Shuffle.  The Kube2 features an 1″ cubed aluminum body with a touch sensor to navigate through the screen and menu. A quick swipe will allow the user to switch to the previous or next track. Placing a finger at the top or bottom of the Kube2 will raise or lower the volume.

If you want it to look cool, you can customize it with removable skins.  The battery will support 6 hours of continual play and fully recharge in about an hour.  Music is stored on a microSD card, with support up to 32GB – which is about 8,000 songs in MP3 format.

The best part about the Kube2?  It’s going to be $35!

Sign us up!  Currently it is only available in Singapore, but it should see it’s world wide launch at CES in January, 2012. More at www.thekube2.com



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