LED Skateboard

We think skateboarding at night is great.  Less cars to hit you, less pedestrians for you to hit.  This 29″ long, Polycarbonate board has built in LED lights, which make it glow like it’s from Fukushima (what – too soon?). Available in green, red or blue, this board will definitely turn heads.

Specs of the board:

  • Super cool LED lights built-in  (50,000 hour life)
  • On / off switch underneath
  • 3 colors available
  • Polycarbonate board  (bulletproof glass)
  • Board appears clear when LED lights are off
  • Uses standard 9 volt battery  (included)
  • 9″ highly responsive Gullwing trucks for maximum skating smoothness
  • Length  ( 29″)
  • Width   ( 8.5″)

The board is $200, which is a higher than a lot of boards, but hey – they don’t glow!

Order yours from www.opulentitems.com



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