Maserati Gran Turismo S Superior Black Edition

Holy crap.  It’s no secret that we here at GadgetFeast are fans of Maserati, but this one is just AWESOME!  The designers at Anderson Germany started with a Gran Turismo S, then tweaked it out with a silky matte black exterior treatment, glossy black 21-inch wheels, new carbon fiber replacements for the hood, mirrors, tailgate, and roof ledges.  On the interior they added a slew of carbon fiber and black Alcantara elements. Under the hood, the enhanced 4.7-liter V8 is now pumping out 492 hp (BOOYAH!)  Did we mention they even threw a PS3 inside it – you know, in case driving a 492hp Maserati isn’t exciting enough for you.  Make sure you look over all the pics to check out all the – yep – CARBON FIBER!

Want one?  Yea, we do too.  How much?  Not sure yet, but I’d start saving your change now.

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