Michael Toschi Onda X Carbon Fiber Shoe

A friend of the site, Chris, says we haven’t had enough carbon fiber since our relaunch 12 hours ago.  So here you go, Chris – how about a carbon fiber shoe?

Italian designer Michale Toschi has created a calf leather shoe with real carbon fiber on the vamp.  Now how cool is that!

From a design perspective, real carbon fiber is used on the vamp.  From a technology/comfort perspective, the shoes have a system called CIS (Carbonlite Ionet Suspension) that use a real carbon fiber foot platform along with a number of other technologies in the sole for maximum comfort and stability.

CIS exemplifies Michael Toschi’s demanding commitment to fuse performance, luxury and technology. CIS is the world’s first support based in/out sole integration platform, providing durable comfort and positive ground feel. The CarbonLite insole provides a stable, anatomically neutral foot platform. The Ionet Suspension outsole contains four independent response zones favoring the dynamic anatomical movements of the foot’s gait. With CarbonLite Ionet Suspension, geometry favors anatomy.

The shoes are made by hand in Italy using high quality Italian calf leather and kidskin lining.  They are available in both a black (Black Nappa) and brown (Brown Calf) leather.


  • Real carbon fiber on the vamp
  • Utilizes CIS (Carbonlite Ionet Suspension) technology for maximum comfort and stability
  • Italian calf leather and with kidskin lining
  • Available in brown and black leather
  • Made by hand in Italy

We think these would look great with the Superior Black Edition Maserati.

Get a pair in black or brown, or one in each, from www.carbonfibergear.com