Mr Martini Ducati 1098R

The Ducati 1098R is basically a street going World Superbike racing machine, so it is basically blasphemy to mess with it, right?  Not according to Nicola Martini!  Mr. Martini describes his workshop as a “laboratory of ideas”.  His latest idea, “Flash Back”, is a re-imagination of the flawless Ducati.  Stock, the 1098 puts out 155 RWHP and weighs 422lbs wet.  Mr. Martini stripped a lot of the stock weight, added ultra-light carbon fiber side fairings, BST carbon wheels, and the exhaust system is a mix of Zard, Ducati’s own WSBK-spec manifolds, and custom terminals. The seat, however, is a delicious throwback— using Connolly leather taken from a 1959 MG sports car.

Some will love it, some we hate it.  We LOVE IT.  Anyone want to get it for us for Christmas?