Naked & Famous Glow In The Dark Jeans

We found the worst jeans in the world for hiding from the cops at night.  The jeans glow in the dark – seriously.  Just charge them up in the light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut off the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light (aka Blacklight), so if you wear the jeans to a club, your pants will appear neon green. Even the selvedge edges glow so flip up your cuff to flip people out!

The jeans glow because of the phosphorescent coating applied to the Japanese-sourced raw denim. The coating is then baked into the fabric which absorbs light and then slowly release it – emanating a green glow. After wearing them a bit, the fade patterns will create a unique piece of glowing art!

Currently, you can purchase them at Barneys New York, the Barneys COOP’s nationwide, and will soon be on

Get your glow on, kiddies!