NeuroSky Mindwave

As we look around our desks, we see multiple monitors, wireless mice, keyboards, webcams, IP phones, thumb drives, USB hubs, etc – oh and a USB powered cactus (don’t ask.)  You know what we don’t see?  An EEG brain scanner.  But for less than the cost of a good keyboard mouse combo, you could have your very own research grade EEG scanner.

From ThinkGeek’s website:

The NeuroSky MindWave turns your computer into a private tutor. The headset takes decades of laboratory EEG technology research and puts it in your hands. Experts agree that your brain needs to be exercised just as much as your body. Strap on the headset and the MindWave Education system will monitor the attention level of students as they interact with math, memory, and pattern recognition applications. Ten apps are included, some educational and kid-friendly and others are seriously fun for all ages. Developmental tools allow you to write your own programs to interact with the Mindwave, too.

Product Specifications

  • Research grade EEG technology for home use
  • Exercise your mind with specially designed neuroscience meditation, mental fitness, and game applications
  • Developmental tools allow you to write your own programs to interact with the Mindwave
  • Lightweight, wireless headset with passive sensors
  • eSense Brainwave Patterns measures: Attention, Meditation, Eye Blink
  • Neuroscience frequency bands: 0.5 to 50hz
  • Package includes: MindWave Headset, Wireless USB Adapter, Bonus Application Disc, Quick Start Guide.
  • 10 hours of use on one AAA Battery
  • System Requirements:
    • PC: Windows XP or Vista & 7, Intel Core 2 Duo or Equivalent, 1 GB RAM, DirectX 9.0+ capable, 1 GB HD space
    • Mac: OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or better, Any Intel Mac, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB HD space

So you can use this to control computer programs with your mind!?  Awesome – bring on Rule 34!