Olly Scent Maker

Tired of your office smelling like Mt. Dew and Taco Bell?  If Mint Digital has their way, those days will be numbered.  Olly is a web-enabled scent maker, meaning you can make it respond to an action on your computer. Tweet from your girlfriend?  Make it smell like her perfume.  Facebook message from your ex?  Perhaps the smell of bull excrement. Ashton Kutcher update?  What exactly does “FAIL” smell like…

Olly’s features a removable smell-holding tray allows you to put in a bit of perfume, some essential oil, a piece of fruit, or some other pungent item. Olly can emanate one smell at a time, but multiple Ollys can be stacked to give you a library of smells to associate with your digital alerts.

You can’t yet buy an Olly, but you can make one of your own with a few parts and a 3D printer. Mint Foundry will be sharing step-by-step instructions for tinkerers to have a go at creating their own customized smell-o-matics. The company is exploring how to make Olly available at scale for purchase.

Find everything you need to know at ollyfactory.com