Pillow Tie

“Because most functions that require a tie deserve to be slept through.”  That’s the company who makes this ingenious product’s tagline, and we couldn’t agree more!  We try to avoid wearing ties at all costs, unless the judge requires them.

These ties are exactly what the name sounds like – just blow it up and take a nap.  Even though it sounds easy, they do have some instructions to follow. Step 1: Access the inconspicuous valve.  Step 2: Gently bite the base and inflate in less than a breath. Step 3: Zzz…Zzz…Zzz


Microfiber/Silk Blend

  • Look and Style of Silk
  • Durability of Microfiber
  • Won’t Bleed on Shirts
  • Soft Fabric for Ultimate Comfort
  • Does Not Wrinkle Easily

Inflatable Piece

  • Durable PVC Plastic
  • Easy to Operate Valve
  • Holds Up to 25 lbs (That’s a big head!)
  • Invisible When Deflated
  • Removable*

Available in lots of stylish colors.  Unfortunately, the tie can’t do anything about your snoring.  Order yours from www.pillowtie.com



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