Plasma Speaker Kit

It’s no secret we like music here at GadgetFeast.  In fact, we LOVE music.  As music lovers, we really like when technology and music come together to make sweet, well, music.

While perusing Kickstarter, we found a project for a DIY plasma speaker.  What’s a plasma speaker, you ask?  Well, let’s start with how a normal speaker works.  An electromagnet vibrates a speaker cone to move the air to reproduce the sound.  Plasma speakers use an electric arc to vibrate the air.  Here, watch the video to see how it works.

See? Awesome, huh?  We would like to bring a little attention to one small item of business.  PLASMA SPEAKERS ARE DANGEROUS!  FOLLOW ANY/ALL INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE KIT!  See – nothing major.

Interested in getting yourself a kit?  Head over to and make your pledge now.




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