Prank Pack Gift Boxes

Remember packing something small inside a big box, inside a bigger box, inside a HUGE box?  Too much work, we say!  These Prank Pack gift boxes make it look like something ridiculous from some clueless company.

Available prank boxes:

  • Noggin’ Net
  • Birdie Belt
  • Motorized Rolling Pin
  • Coffee Talkies
  • Beer Beard
  • Wake & Bake Griddle
  • Pet Petter
  • Blankeez
  • iArm
  • Bathe & Brew
  • Toe Tunes
  • iDrive

Prank Pack specs:

  • Material: Made in the USA of American cardboard and ink.
  • Size: 11.25 x 9 x 3.25 ( About the size of a giant phone book)
  • Your Mother-in-law’s face on Christmas morning: Priceless

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