Scosche SneakPeek Auto Audio Video Cable

iPhone full of music…check, iPod full of video…check, iPad with mobile internet check, in dash screen…check. So you have all of these awesome pieces of technology and want to project video on your in dash screen but no easy way of doing so?

We proudly present the Scosche SneakPeek Auto Audio/Video Component cable that lets you plug in your iPhone/iPod/iPad into your cars entertainment center. It connects into the stereo’s composite video inputs. Its’ display output plays any video that you decide to play from any of your iDevices as well as charges them at the same time so you’ll never kill your entertainment on the road. Flip the switch and you have full viewing pleasure for all. If you want to watch a “private” video flip the switch back. Yeah it’s that simple.

No it just won’t sit in your cup holder but it has a 9ft cable, Throw it in your glove compartment and enjoy!