Smithson Martin Emulator

Wow.  Wowie wow wow wee wow wow. Here is all you need to know before you watch the videos.  We have a DJ on staff.  He is still unconscious after watching these.  Watch the videos – we’ll be back.

Emulator is the World’s first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software for professional DJ and music, is the first REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch DJ System that allows the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing on a huge transparent touch screen.

The system has an extreme low latency, with the touchscreen units featuring latency of only 7ms, this results in fast real time touch points, without the fear of false touchs or ghost points. The software uses low CPU resources, all graphics in Emulator are accelerated by hardware.

Emulator Multi-Touch Professional DJ System is now available for purchase. It is available as stand alone software for use in your Tablet PC or your prefered multitouch devcies and is available as complete hardware & software  systems with transparent touch screens – 32″ or 42″, or custom sizes by request.

Hey – Virus – you wake up yet?  Nope – when he does, we are sure he will be heading over to to order his.