Sphero Robotic Ball

We have lots of R/C items around the office – cars, helicopters, motorcycles, UFO’s, etc – but what we don’t have is a ball.  The Sphero robotic ball is  more than just a R/C ball however, it’s a smartphone controlled, interactive ball. Sphero works with a number of apps, like Sphero Golf, Sphero Drive and many more to come.  Get a few and race them against your friends, or just torment your family pet with it.

Features of the Sphero:

  • Mobile App Driven
  • Easy to Carry
  • Boost Mode
  • Customizable Colored LED
  • Open API
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • Induction Charging
  • Works on iOS and Android

Expected launch is this fall, but you can pre-order now at www.gosphero.com