Stealth Division Mach 1 Skateboard

This isn’t the first skateboard we have featured (that was the light up LED board), but this is definitely the most high tech board we have ever seen!  Start with carbon fiber (BOOM!), shape a sleek board, and then add a telematics system.  That’s right – your skateboard now has GPS!

Created with carbon fiber laminates, there are layers including an Ash & Airex Core, alongside Makrolon reinforced tail and nose sections which are capable of taking hard impact collisions. The trucks beneath are CNC treated aluminum alloy with adjustable height and raking features, enabling to set the equipment at the perfect height for greater comfort and control. Towards the rear end, there are Corundum treated grips which allows to set oneself firmly on the board without slipping, and the fabric is known to be pretty much rugged, because as experts peg it to be the 2nd hardest mineral after diamonds.

The main focus of this board, however, is the tracking system – inlaid into the boards layer.  It tracks distance, speed, g-force and vibration, as well as the “radio rider info system”, which gives full details of the riders journey.

This much cool tech will cost you a pretty penny however – $13,070 to be exact (however, they do expect the prototype to go for MUCH higher)