Streets of Monaco Yacht

Don’t you hate the daily dilemma – should I go to the billionaire playground, Monaco, or cruise the Rivera on my mega-yacht?  Lucky for you, Yacht Island Design now makes it so you don’t have to choose.  This $1 BILLION (yep, that’s a B) mega yacht is designed after the wealthiest per square mile city/country in the world, Monaco.  With scaled down version of the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, parts of the greatest F1 course in the world, which is a functioning go-kart course, and a multi-use court that doubles as a helipad, this is truly one of the coolest things we have seen.  Main deck also features a beach and infinity pool, you know, just in case you are into that sort of thing.

Below the deck of this behemoth, it’s just a cool as the deck, with an interior “oasis” area, a spa, swim up jacuzzi bar, and a waterfall in the “Grand Atrium”.  The two story owners apartment is at the front of the vessel, with total room for 16 guests.  A staff of 70 will keep the yacht and extras, like the submarine, jet skis and skiff ready for any whim.

At a total length of 500 feet, this is almost as big as the real country!  And with the Billion dollar asking price (before fuel and staff salaries), only those who could really party in Monaco could afford it.  We just want to see how Bernie will park his during the F1 race!

Visit their website at for more info, or to promise your first born as a down payment.