Tenere Motorcycle Expedition Tent

We know a lot of friends who like to adventure tour on their motorcycles.  In fact, three just got back from a long weekend ride, where their poor trusty steeds had to sleep outside.  Now how fair is that! Tenere Expedition Tent fixes that problem with two vestibules along with a separate inner-tent. The main vestibules provide enough space to keep a motorcycle away from prying eyes, stow gear and even boasts enough clearance for a rider over 6′ in height to stand, change or do tune-ups. An inner-tent also provides enough space for a queen size air mattress to comfortable shelter two. When you’re ready to go, the entire tent packs down to a 10″ x 21″ pack weighing just 13 lbs.  Basically, this thing is perfect for you and your moto. At only $399, this might be the best investment you make for your summer two-wheeled adventures!

Pick yours up today at www.redverz.com