The Empire Needs You Posters

There has been a recent influx of really cool interpretations of Star Wars fan poster, and these by Hungarian artist Szoki don’t disappoint.  Known for his futuristic-looking art deco style and his use of beautiful cartoon women, these posters have both.

Szoki recently said “I’m a great fan of the 1940s and ’50s American pinup art, and lately the art deco period has been inspiring me…”.  Well Szoki, we are great fans of yours too.

Want to get a few of these beauties for your wall? Well, you cant – yet.  Currently his art isn’t for sale, but he hopes to offer his images as high-res files for people to use on posters, t-shirts, etc starting next year.

You can, however, check out his gallery on his website – – and if you use one as wallpaper on your desktop, we promise we won’t tell!