The General Lee

We are huge car fanatics here at GadgetFeast.  HUGE!  So when we saw this replica of the General Lee… wait – what – it’s not a replica?  IT’S THE REAL THING!?  Not only is it the real thing, it is the original – this is Lee 1.

Lee 1 was purchased by a California movie studio in 1978, soon to become “The most famous television car in the world.” Lee 1 was featured several times in the first episode of CBS’ hit television series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” This episode titled “One-Armed Bandits,” aired on January 26, 1979 and was filmed in the Covington, Conyers and Oxford area of Georgia. The show’s opening sequence, featuring Bo and Luke Duke, included the clip of Lee1 jumping over a Hazzard County police cruiser. That jump, for which Lee 1 is most famous, was made by a stunt man on the campus of Oxford College on Saturday 11, 1978. Lee 1’s first and only jump was 16 feet up and over the cruiser, landing 82 feet from the take off ramp.

The only cast member that ever drove Lee 1 was John Schneider, who played Bo Duke. After 23 years in a junkyard, in Metro Atlanta, Lee 1 was rescued and professionally, passionately restored to pre-jump condition over a 16 month period. Lee 1 is truly an American Icon.

This is a true blue automotive icon – 1969 Dodge Charger with a 383 8 cylinder and a 4-speed auto – AND IT’S THE GENERAL LEE!

Price – TBD at Barrett-Jackson