Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler

One of our favorite parts of summer are water wars.  High powered squirt guns, buckets of water, and of course, water balloons.  The biggest problem with water balloons has always been it takes too long to get them prepped for the fight.  But with this great gadget, you can fill and tie a balloon in under 30 seconds (less after you have practice).  Now that’s just awesome.

Just 4 easy steps to more wet weaponry:

  • Fill the balloon and loop over the top.
  • While holding the neck of the balloon (make sure neck of balloon is under tool), proceed to spin tool counter-clockwise in a full circle.
  • Slide end of balloon through slot until the end is resting in recessed slot.
  • Quickly pull tool and balloon in opposite directions.

That’s it!  Now hit someone square in the face with a fresh water balloon!

Get it from www.thinkgeek.com