Toshiba ZL2 Glasses Free 3D TV

We knew it was inevitable, and here it is.  Toshiba has announced that their glasses-free 3D TV will be available outside of Japan.  Called the ZL2, it will pack face tracking, Resolution+, Auto Calibration, 2D to 3D conversion, and Smart TV features.  What makes this different than other glasses-free 3D displays is it can support multiple viewers at once – up to 9 different viewing angles, to be exact.  Why 9?  Dunno.  That how they built it.

The ZL2 will have a 55” screen with a quadHD resolution of 3840 x 2160. It will have WiFi support, DLNA, Toshiba’s Cevo engine, built-in Freeview HD, and support for USB hard drive video recording. A remote control app for iPhone users will also be released.

Availability is said to be Q4 of 2011, and price – well – they haven’t said yet, but rest assured, it won’t be cheap!



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