Vertu Constellation

Smart phones keep getting more and more powerful, but can they be a status symbol?  An iPhone says you long to fit in – a Droid phone means you like to kick against the system.  A Vertu?  It means you have arrived.  Vertu are for the quite well to do – much like a Ferrari or a Rolex – they are a way to let people know that you like fine things.  Vertu is joining the party with a smartphone – the Constellation.  Details are sketchy, but what we do know is it will have a 8 MP camera, 32GB of on board data storage.  More impressive than the phone’s specs are what you get with it.

First up is the Vertu Concierge. “Vertu Concierge can arrange bespoke gifts for a loved one, or suggest the best restaurant in town for a business meeting, all thanks to their staff of global experts based in all the major cities that will advise you either via voice call or email. Vertu Concierge can even get you past the lines and security and night clubs and country clubs, partnering with many members around the world to offer a once-yearly admission for you and a friend.”

You can all them with any need.  Need a good wine?  Just call and they will connect you with a sommelier to help you choose!

Then there’s the price.  Brown – $6,070.  Polished black or pink – $6,760.  Black alligator – $8,967.  Black or while alligator leather with diamonds – $10,900.  Red gold with precious metals – $15,034.  Look on your face when you forget it at a bar?  Priceless.

Ready to order yours?