Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

Sex sells.  It’s just that simple.  Few people know that better than Victoria’s Secret (and really – what IS her secret – we want to know!)  For almost the past decade, they have created a one of a kind, ultra exclusive bra to show off at their annual fashion show.  Like previous years, this years is stunning!

This year’s diamond bra named the “Fantasy Treasure Bra,” is aqua colored, and boasts nearly 3,400 precious gems, including 142 carats of white and yellow diamond, pearls, citrines, aquamarines set in bright 18 karat white and yellow gold. The center of the bra holds two large white diamonds each an astonishing 8 carats with two 14 carat yellow diamonds to give it a more opulent look. The bra is made by Long Island’s London Jewelers.

When asked about wearing it, Australian model Miranda Kerr said “Its such an honor to wear the bra. And it’s such a piece of artwork! It’s absolutely stunning — it kind of feels a little mermaid-like — but I can’t believe I’m wearing $2.5 million on my chest.”

If we had 2.5 million to spend on whatever, we would buy it too!  What?  She doesn’t come with it?  Oh – never mind then.

We have included photos of the past Fantasy bras in our gallery – you know – for comparison. (You’re welcome)