Wilzig Racing Manor

Alan Wilzig is a mad man – and we mean that in a good way!  When we think of someone who always turns it up to 11, Alan is at the top of our list.  So when he started talking a few years ago about building a “little museum and track” at his 275 acre family farm in upstate New York, we knew this was something we couldn’t wait to see.

So what did Alan build?  A world class museum and his own personal race track.  Mind you, this isn’t just some asphalt thrown down in a circle – this is a full road course which can be run in multiple configurations with sticky tarmac, curbing and a timing system.  He even has his own safety/pace car!  But did we expect anything less?  Nope.

Alan also races in the IMSA Lite series, so it is no surprise that motorsports are a major part of his life.  The museum (which has two floors of all thing desirable in motorsports) includes a fully equipped garage which rivals most race teams.  He and his live in mechanic (yep) maintain all the motorcycles, cars, karts and other racing goodies he keeps at the manor. There has even been a Top Fuel dragster seen hanging around.

We had a chance to hang out with Alan and his lovely family a few years ago on a visit to New York.  Still one of the highlights of our travel experience.  However, in our time with him, we did find a big problem.  He’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet!  You would expect someone who has literally everything racing dreams are made of to be a major jerk, but he just isn’t.  Damn you Alan for being so awesome!

We hope to make a trip to the manor this summer – when we do, we can guarantee that we will have some photos and video to post! For now, you can drool along at www.alanmoto.com




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